BLUR: New Creative Practices Within Developing Technologies

The first BLUR seminar was organized in less than two months, with few resources to plan, implement and market. Still, it was a great success: the partners brought together approximately thirty-six new media innovators to participate in three private roundtable discussions over the course of two days in January 2001. Many of the three-dozen participants formed new and continuing collaborations as a result. Workshops focused on the evolving nature of cultural production, artists' uses of new technologies, and the implications this has for the increasing territorial overlap between art world, industry, and emerging social spaces.

These discussions concluded with a free public performance called Projects and Prototypes, in which ten of the participants presented cross-disciplinary work. The New School's Swayduck Auditorium was filled to capacity, revealing the excitement and appetite for seeing new work and engaging in meaningful discourse around these themes.

Paying Attention

Thursday, January 11th 2001
Session explored the variety of ways that digital technologies and creative practices have changed the terms of gaining access to audiences as well as adding a new challenge. In the deluge of information and image, how do you get a viewer's attention and develop it appropriately? Are there different kinds of attention to negotiate (public art, performance, on-line mediascape, exhibition practice)

The Experience Economy

Thursday, January 11th 2001
This conversation addressed how artists, arts orgs and businesses navigate the continuum of an artist creating work to be understood within a fine arts context and bringing an artist's idea or product to the mass market (computer gaming industry, starting businesses, writing software). How does the entertainment industry impact thinking and strategy? With the business world on fire with the success of "Disney" and utilizing visual and performance strategies, where can artists and organizations located themselves meaningfully within this continuum.

Living Systems

Friday, January 12th 2001
This panel topic took the discussion of "interactivity" to another level. How are artists and technologists approaching the living social systems and creating tools and artworks, especially on-line activities, that cannot be fully experienced or discovered until they are activated by groups? What's going on with:
Chat rooms
Instant messaging
Relational databases and datamining
MUDs MOOs, and multi-user gaming

Projects and Prototypes

Friday, January 12th 2001, 6:30 - 8:30pm
Ten of the participants from BLUR_01 presented cross-disciplinary work to a standing room only audience at The New School¼s Swayduck Auditorium, revealing the excitement and appetite for seeing new work and engaging in meaningful discourse around these themes. Presenters included Maya Churi, Shelley Eshkar, Rachel Greene, Alison Cornyn, Sue Johnson, Julian LaVerdiere, Vincent Mazeau, Randall Peacock, Jon Ippolito, and Mark Hansen.

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