These accounts submitted by Blur 02 participants each explore a unique facet of the seminar experience. Clay Shirky's paper examines the Saturday workshop component and evalutes its potential as a model to be replicated in other environments. James Love's report documents the latest iteration of an idea that emerged from the workshop that shows promise of impacting policy discussions on the licensing of online music distribution and other "information goods." Finally, to demonstrate the potential impact of the of the conference on the creative individual, artist, designer, and architect, Lisa Strausfeld articulates the impact of the Blur 02 experience on her personal practice.

Blur Brainstorming: Experiments in Conference Form
by Clay Shirky

Artists Want to Be Paid: The Blur/Banff Proposal
by James Love

Out of the Fog: What Blur Revealed About Digital Culture and its Impact on Art and Design
by Lisa Strausfeld

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