We would like to take this opportunity to thank the Rockefeller Foundation for major support of Blur 02. In addition, we thank the Canadian Consulate General for making it possible for us to bring our Canadian colleagues to the table. The process of creating this seminar has always been about collaboration and the sharing of knowledge and expertise. To this end we are grateful to the many people who acted as sounding boards for ideas and shared their input over the last year. We are especially indebted to our tireless workgroup: Ted Byfield, Robert Chang, Rachel Stevens, Timothy Quigley, Eric Zimmerman, and Marina Zurkow--along with additional help and support from Katie Salen. A very special thanks to Amanda Gould of Studio Firefly for the countless hours of brilliant design work and for being an amazing listener and voice of reason at every step in the creation of Blur. In addition, we thank Terry Naini and Stephanie Kay of Cognitive Management for the network analysis.

It would be remiss for us not to acknowledge and thank the original power broker himself--Michael Randazzo--for it was his passion for connecting folks together and his keen understanding of the creative potential in collaboration that lead to the creation of Blur.

In addition we thank Apple Computer, Glaceau Water, and Crispy Creme for donating goods to the Blur Seminar.

Robert Ransick & Carol Stakenas
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